Dual band bent slot loaded patch antenna

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A planar UWB antenna with added GSM 1800/WMTS and UMTS bands is presented. A CPW-fed circular patch is used to obtain wideband characteristic covering the UWB range. A novel slot formed by merging the alternate sides of a hexagon with isosceles triangles is inserted in the patch to obtain dual-band operation with the lower band suitable for GSM 1800 operation.

LIU, J., Jackson, D., LONG, Y. Substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) leaky-wave antenna with transverse slots. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 2012, vol. 60, no. 1, p. 20–29. Radioengineering - June 2018, Volume 27, Number 2 [DOI: 10 This paper presents a compact single layer reflectarray antenna based on a diagonally notched square patch and a pair of circular delay lines, for X-band applications. Radioengineering - December 2012, Volume 21, Number 4 The slot is loaded in the main patch of the AMC to create the other resonant frequency. By using this technique the resonant frequency can be lowered, and hence reduce the size of the AMC.

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A NOVEL DUAL-BAND PATCH ANTENNA FOR WLAN … low costs. Dual-band operation is an important subject in microstrip antenna designs [5,6]. Recently, several designs of the dual-band slot-loaded microstrip antennas have been reported [7{9]. These related dual-band designs are achieved by embedding a narrow arc-shaped slot or placing an open-ring slot close to the boundary of the patch [10,11]. Reconfigurable Dual-Band Patch Antenna Using Varactor

The proposed antenna is a dual band microstrip patch antenna using U-slot geometry. The operating frequencies of the proposed antenna are chosen as 2.4 and 0.9 (GHz), obtained by optimizing the physical dimensions of the U-slot.

New patch antenna for ism band at 2.45 ghz Keywords: patch antenna, ISM band, biomedical application. INTRODUCTION In [1] a compact dual-frequency hybrid resonator.The ability of a single layer strip fed printed monopole, which has a serial- slot and an end-stepped feed-strip, to operate at dual Industrial, scientific, and Medical- band... Quad-Band Dual-Layer Microstrip Antenna Design for Mobile… In this paper, a quad-band, dual-layer Microstrip Antenna was proposed. The proposed antenna is suggested to be used in a mobile phone handset thatBarun [7], designed a single feed quad-band compact rectangular MPA with L slot on the edge of the patch with size reduction as compared to a...

A new patch antenna is analysed which provides dual-frequency operation by means of two narrow slots close to the patch radiating edges. The two modes of operations show similar radiating properties. The ratio between the two ...

Adaptive Dual Band Slotted Patch Antenna Array Based on 2. Theory of Slotted Patch Antenna Array Slotted patch antennas, such as U-shaped, are especially suitable for printing on microwave substrates withMany slotted antenna shows dual resonance, lower and upper resonant frequency [10]. The dual band antenna finds applications in uplink and... Dualband Slot Loaded Circular Disk Patch Antenna for WLAN… Index Terms - Circular disk patch, dualband antenna, slots loaded patch and microstrip patch antenna. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MICROWAVE AND OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY, 1. INTRODUCTION Tunable dual frequency patch antennas provide an alternative to wideband... Miniaturized Dual-Band Folded Patch Antenna with... — Penn… A compact linearly polarized dual-band patch antenna with low cross-polarization and independent band control is presented. Miniaturization was achieved through a combination of shorting, subsequently folding, and by replacing the standard slot loading with a slot that is featured by a...